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We The Sales Engineers: A Resource for Sales Engineers, by Sales Engineers

Feb 24, 2020

Liz Whitaker-Freitas is a Sales Engineering Manager at Splunk, one of the leaders in managing and interpreting big data for organizations in today’s data-driven economy. Today’s show covers Liz’s unique journey into sales engineering and SE Management

Feb 17, 2020

Bryan Young is an experienced SE who works for Cisco, one of the largest technology conglomerates in the world. Today we cover some of the unique perspectives of an SE who has to know so much about a constantly changing technology stack.

Feb 10, 2020

Chris White is an accomplished author, trainer, coach, teacher and Sales Engineering leader.  He penned “The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers”, an amalgamation of over a decade of experience in the field where Chris is able to articulate the importance of a number of key habits that will lead any SE to...

Feb 3, 2020

Description: Starting as a Sales Engineer is a daunting task. There is not a manual, and in many cases, there is no mentoring. You are supposed to figure out on your own. In Jacob’s case, he asked for a coaching call and agreed to get it recorded.