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We The Sales Engineers: A Resource for Sales Engineers, by Sales Engineers

Nov 29, 2021


One of the most important and most challenging steps toward completing a POC or proof of concept is getting a technical win. As sales engineers, we're expected to fulfill the customer's requests but at the same time also guide them through the complexities of the buying process. Is there a way to make it easier for...

Nov 22, 2021

What are the three biggest ingredients of a successful SE? Find out on this week’s podcast, as we bring on Mike Atkinson of Armis.

Mike is the Principal Solution Architect at Armis, and a cybersecurity leader with broad experience in consulting practice management, presales engineering, project management,...

Nov 8, 2021

I’m joined today by Kyle MacArthur, a Presales Strategist with 16 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 customers in both the USA and the UK and has worked across industries including Retail, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and more

Nov 1, 2021

#SalesEngineering is a weird role. We don't go to school or university to learn about it. Most people who do it started their careers doing something else. Today we talk to Andrew who finds SEs in the strangest of places as well. Check out the shownotes:

Oct 18, 2021

Joel Duffield is the Lead Solutions Consultant at Vidyard and has been a listener of We the Sales Engineers podcast since its humble beginnings in 2018. Now he is an SE Lead! We talk about his journey